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Under the leadership of CEO Charly Cal, International Medical Aesthetics Manager Volkan Bingöllü, as well as our specialists Emrah Naiboglu and Huseyin Akyar, we have always prioritized the wishes of our valued patients and helped them choose the best option for their treatment process. We know that the success rate of treatment is directly proportional to the comfort and satisfaction of the patient.

We make our services more understandable by sharing comprehensive pre-op photos, information, and our pre-op credentials with our patients.

Our health care team comprises only the most experienced health care professionals. In our clinic we employ a total of four medical specialists in the fields of dermatology and anesthesiology. In addition, we employ 3 medical beauticians and 12 nurses who specialize in hair transplantation.

Thanks to our health team with more than 15 years of experience in hair transplantation, we have increased our success rate to the maximum.

Our clinic, which operates to the highest worldwide standards, our expert doctors, our experienced hair transplant teams and the up-to-date treatment protocols we use are the main reasons for our success.

As a Premium Hair & Aesthetic Clinic, we reach out and share our diagnostic and treatment services with people in many countries around the world.

We want to contribute to their ability to live a more self-confident life.

Your Premium Aesthetic Team”   

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