Advantages of Fue Technique

– Tissue is not removed from the area where the hair follicles are. It is only the stem cells to be taken where one should be careful.
– Hair follicles are taken not only from the back of the neck but also from the upper part of the ears.
– Local anaesthesia is applied and it is a very comfortable operation.
– Hair follicles are taken one by one thanks to a special micro motor. It improves in a very short time.  No stitches or scars at the beck of the head. 
– 4000 to 6000 grafts, that is, 8000 to 12.000 hair follicles can be transplanted in a single session. 
– Hair follicles can be collected from other part of the body (back, chest), if necessary.
– Gives very good results in case of light to moderate hair loss (from the front line up to the head).
– No scar. 
– Applied to women and men.
– Gives very natural results.
– Moustache, beard
– Side whiskers and eyebrows can be transplanted via the same technique. 
– Sear or scar can be covered on the scalp.
– One can turn back to his normal life and travel the day after.

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