After Hair Transplant

1-2 weeks after hair transplantation: Scabs will fall off.  Implanted hair will come to the surface like a stubbly beard.

2 weeks to 4 weeks after hair transplantation: The implanted hair strands will begin to fall off.

3 months after hair transplantation: implanted hair will slowly start to come out.

5 – 6 months after hair transplantation: 70% of the hair growth of implanted hair will be completed.

8 months after hair transplantation: Implanted hair will begin to get thicker.

12 months after hair transplantation: Implanted hair will complete its growth 100% and the hair will take its final shape.

After hair transplantation

1- Immediately after the operation, medical dressing is applied and the back of the head is bandaged. Wear a bonnet for the transplanted area and remove it when you arrive at your target destination.

2- Bandage will be removed from the back of the head the day after.

3- The transplanted areas are not to be in touch with anything the first day.

4- Sleep in a slightly upright position the first night. Remember t use the neck pillow that will be provided by our hospital.

5- Use medications as prescribed by your doctor for the first five days.

6- Do not consume alcohol for 1 week following the operation. Besides, do not take aspirin for a week and reduce smoking.

7- Some patients may complain from oedema on the face and around the eyes. This will disappear in 2-3 days.  What causes oedema is the change of place of the local anaesthesia depending on the gravity. If you use medications according to the instructions, the possibility of experiencing this will be reduced.

8- You may travel by plane or other means next day.

9- You may take up training, sports, swimming pool, sea, solarium, sunbathing and steam bath 1 month later.

10- The first hair wash is on day 2 and is made at the hospital. A special washing technique will be explained to you in detail so that you carry on with it at home on your own.

Lotion is applied to the transplanted area and waited for 45 minutes. After that, the area is washed with warm water gently and shampooed with a special shampoo. This washing routine is followed f-or 10 days.

11- You may have your hair groomed with scissors after 2 weeks, if you like. You may have a haircut with a shaver after a year (Only scissors allowed for the first 1 year). The recovery period of the area where hair is collected and transplanted is 1-2 days following the FUE hair transplantation. After 1 eek and 10 days, nobody will be able to see that you have undergone a hair transplantation operation.

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