Beard transplantation and mustache transplantation are procedures for people who have lost their beard or mustache or who are unable to grow one.

It is a method we recommend to men who like their bearded appearance, but have incurred a loss in their beards or mustaches due to the testosterone hormone, or who have a deficiency or irregular appearance in a certain area.

You can get the bearded look you want by having a beard transplantation procedure.

The DHI method is used in beard transplantation similar to hair transplantation. Hair follicles from the hairy area between the ears at the back of the head are taken one by one and transplanted to the area where there is no beard with the help of an implanter.

No serious pain or ache is observed during the procedure which is performed under local anesthesia.

No scars or stitches are visible in the post-operative period.

Stages of Beard Transplantation and Mustache Transplantation:

The transplantation process starts with a doctor’s examination, like all other transplantation operations.

First, the need for the desired area of transplantation is determined, and secondly, how many grafts can be harvested from the donor area is evaluated.

During the operation, transplantation is performed taking into account the growth direction of the beard.

The operation consists of two basic parts. First, the roots are taken from the donor area and then the hair follicles are transplanted to the area that needs them.

Hair follicles taken from the area between the ears at the back of the head and expressed as the donor area are transplanted to the desired areas one by one with the FUE technique applied by Premium Esthetic.

Dressing and treatment is applied the day after the operation.

Before leaving the clinic, you will be shown the things to pay attention to after transplantation and how to do the washing process.

After 1 week, the planted area regains its natural appearance.

It takes 15 days for the area to recover and regain its former appearance.

After beard and mustache transplantation, you can follow the instructions issued for hair transplantation.

After 6 months, the transplanted beard or mustache begins to reach the expected result. It is possible to see the final result in 9-12 months.

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