1-Herbal teas, vitamin pills, coffee, alcohol and smoking should be abandoned 1 week before the operation.

2-Do not use Aspirin and other anticoagulants 1 week before the operation. Aspirin and similar drugs cause more bleeding than expected since they prevent blood clotting.

3-Do not use multivitamin preparations containing vitamins B and E 1 week before the operation, as they will increase bleeding.

4- Inform your doctor about the medications you are using due to chronic (diabetes, heart, blood pressure, etc.) or acute diseases before the operation.

5-Do not apply any medication to your scalp and hair before the operation. Frequently used lotions such as Minoxil (Rogaine, Regaine) are also recommended to be abandoned at least 1 week before.

These drugs can cause the vessels in the scalp to expand and therefore cause excessive bleeding during the procedure.

6-Wash your hair before coming to the operation and do not use gel or spray after washing.

7-Choosing the right clothes is important when coming to the operation. Wear the type of clothing (shirt, cardigan, jacket, etc.) that will not rub against your head and that you can wear and take off comfortably. If possible, do not wear clothes such as t-shirts or undershirts.

8-Patients who prefer sedation during the operation should stop food and fluid intake as of 00:00 the previous night.

9-We recommend our patients who prefer only local anesthesia to have a good breakfast before the operation.

10-You have to be in our hospital at 08:45 on the day of operation. The transfer vehicle of our hospital will pick you up from your hotel at 08:30.

11-The operation will take approximately 6-8 hours. After the operation, the patient does not need to be hospitalized.

12-We do not recommend driving after the operation. Our hospital’s transfer vehicle will leave our patient to his hotel free of charge.

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