FUE Follicular Unit Extraction

This is an operation wherein hair follicles  are extracted from the back of the neck and from the sides of it (over the two ears) in the form of follicular units (graft) with no cutting involved, by using micro motors equipped with special punch tips of 0,6–0.1 mm .

Follicular units are transplanted in thin or bald areas in their natural form without any operation whatsoever.

Hair canals are opened in places where extracted grafts are to be placed. Canal angles, depth and frequency are all very important. Whether transplantation will look natural or not depends on the canals.

Another property of FUE operation is that it heals very quickly with no pain or numbness at the back of the neck after the operation.

Application of FUE method at Medicalpark

Hair follicles are collected from the back and sides of the hairy skin one by one with a special design micrometer with the help of punches whose diameter ranges between 0.60 mm and 0.90 mm.  Micro motor tip is applied in a way to reach the centre of the hair, and is inserted into skin in the direction of the hair growth.

In this way, the hair root will be extracted cylindrically together with the microscopic anatomic tissue that surrounds it. It is gently extracted with a micro forceps, it comes off the base.

This automatic system shortens the operation periods, and increases the number of grafts collected therefrom.

No tissue is extracted or otherwise collected from the area where grafts are taken. It only involves the stem cell.

4000 to 6000 grafts can be extracted on average on a day (the given number actually depends on the structure of the donor area).

Punch (a cylindrical system with a hole in the centre) size is determined during the hair analysis and operation.  The most suitable punches for the hair roots are used; Different sizes of punches can be sued for the same person.

For instance, in order to collect hair follicles around the back of the neck, 0.80 mm is used whereas the hair follicles may be thinner, that is why 0.60 mm punches are used. Diameter of one’s hair follicle is indicative.

After that, hair canals are opened in the area of transplantation. This operation is the most important stage for a natural and dense look.

Finally, hair follicles are placed in the opened canals very carefully and gently, this is how the operation is completed.

Transplanted hair grows approximately for 1 month and falls afterwards. What falls apart is the strand, the hair follicles have already adapted to the area. After months 2 and 3, the hair grows again, at the end of month 6, the results are very satisfactory. However it is by the end of one full year on average when all hair transplanted reaches the maximum form.

Transplanted hair does not fall and grows as fast as the hair on the back of the neck for one’s entire life.

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