Hair Transplantation in Turkey

Hair Transplant Turkey

Medical tourism in Turkey is booming. People dealing with hair loss mainly keep flocking to the country to get a hair transplant treatment. This is because hair transplant clinics in Turkey charge unbelievably less for a hair transplant procedure than any other clinic in Europe and the US, without compromising the quality of the procedure.

Hair Transplant Costs UK vs. Turkey

Hair transplant operations in the UK cost much higher than in Turkey. Depending on the hair transplant technique, and the number of grafts harvested and transplanted into balding areas, the surgery in the UK can cost from £5000 to £12000.

Hair transplant Turkey costs range from £1500 to £3500. This considerably lower price tag is why more and more people decide to restore their youthful appearance by getting a hair transplant in Turkey.

Getting a Hair Transplant with Dr. Emrah Cinik in Turkey

Dr. Emrah Cinik is one of the most reputable and respected hair transplant surgeons in Turkey and beyond. He runs the Dr. Emrah Cinik Hospital, which is a renowned hair transplant clinic located in Istanbul.

The most common type of hair transplant surgery at this clinic in Turkey is the FUE hair transplant. The FUE (follicular unit extraction) method involves harvesting hair follicles from areas with high hair density (donor areas) and transplanting them into balding areas (recipient sites).  

If you decide to put your trust in Dr. Cinik Hair Hospital, we will exceed your expectations. Dr. Emrah Cinik and the entire medical team that will perform the hair transplant will make sure that you receive the best possible care and that your hair growth is entirely back on track.

If you decide to go through with the surgery, Dr. Cinik Hair Hospital will provide you with one of the available hair transplant Turkey packages. These include round-trip airport and hotel transfers, internal transfers between the hotel and clinic, medications, aftercare supplies for supporting your natural hair growth.

What Exactly Is a Hair Transplant?

A hair transplant is a hair treatment procedure where a surgeon moves healthy hair from a part of the body where there is high hair density to a region where there is low hair density, or where a patient has completely lost hair.

The most common methods for transplanting hair are the FUE and DHI techniques.

What Are the Advantages of the FUE and DHI Techniques?

The FUE method includes making tiny incisions that are less than 1 mm in diameter, while the DHI method is direct implantation. Both are incredibly effective at restoring hair.

Are There Any Risks?

Every surgery comes with its share of potential risks. However, hair restoration surgery is generally safe, so there are no severe side effects to lose your sleep.

Your doctor will inform you about all the possible risks of undergoing surgery during your initial consultation. The potential risks of hair transplantation include bleeding, infection, loss of sensation, swelling, itching, and the death of hair grafts.

If you follow your doctor’s instructions both before and after the surgery, you will not experience any of these potential risks. For instance, smoking can negatively affect the success of the treatment, as well as poor aftercare. Listen to your doctor, and you won’t have to worry about a thing.

How Long Does a Hair Transplant Procedure Take?

How long the procedure will take depends entirely on the number of harvested grafts that need to be implanted into your balding areas. The average time of the surgery is 6-8 hours. For instance, if your doctor needs to transplant 4000 grafts, the procedure will last about 8 hours.

You will learn the exact time of your surgery during your consultation.

What Is Included in the Aftercare?

The team at Dr. Cinik Hair Hospital will thoroughly discuss the aftercare procedure as soon as your surgery is completed. They will tell you how you should protect the transplantation area, as well as how and when to wash your new hair. You will also receive medication in case you feel pain, as well as a special lotion for washing your hair.

You should avoid any physical activity during the first week after the surgery, but the full recovery process takes about two weeks. It’s also highly recommended that you avoid direct sun exposure until your new hair starts to grow.

When Can I Expect to See the Results?

Hair transplantation requires patience. Your new, natural hair will start growing in about 6-9 months, but you will see some real results in about a year after the surgery.

However, your transplanted hair will start falling out between 2-3 weeks after the procedure. This should not worry you at all, because that’s just your natural hair pushing out the transplanted hair, making way for new hair growth.

Hair Transplant for Women

It’s not uncommon for women to experience hair loss as well. Many factors can contribute to women losing their hair, such as iron deficiency, vitamin B12 deficiency, heat damage, medication, illness, or genetics.

Fortunately, women, too, can restore their hair with hair transplantation. Dr. Cinik Clinic offers hair transplant for women as well, commonly using the FUE or DHI hair restoration technique.

Where on the Body Can You Have a Hair Transplant?

The most common area where people get a hair transplant is the head. However, facial hair transplant is also becoming quite popular these days.

As growing a beard becomes a popular fashion trend, so does beard transplant. Many men can’t naturally grow full beards, and some don’t feel masculine enough because of it. At Dr. Emrah Cinik Clinic, you can get a beard hair transplant that will provide you with the full beard you’ve always wanted.

Another increasingly popular facial hair restoration procedure concerns the eyebrows. Many women either naturally don’t have thick, bushy eyebrows, while others caused theirs to stop growing due to over-plucking or laser hair removal. Injuries, burns, chemotherapy, genetics, and hormonal imbalances are also common causes of thin and patchy eyebrows.

Dr. Cinik Clinic also offers an eyebrow hair transplant Turkey package for fully restoring the natural growth of eyebrows.

If you have any further questions about hair transplant in Turkey, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. 

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The experience with this clinic was very good. All the trip was perfectly organized, there were people speaking different languages willing to help you all the time. The surgery went perfectly. Very recommendable place.


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Would highly recommend this clinic if anyone is looking to get a hair transplant. The staff made everything so easy from the first moment of contact right until I left the clinic for the last time. Very friendly staff.


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