Hair Transplant 



Your way to us  – Step by Step

Here is everything you need to know about the hair transplant procedure in Turkey with Dr. Emrah Cinik.



The hair transplant journey begins


If you are experiencing hair loss and you have a bald area or several bold patches, don’t worry. You can contact Dr. Emrah Cinik to get informed about the hair transplant procedure. 

To give you relevant information and provide you with individualized care, we need to find out more about you.

Sending Images For Hair Analysys + Online Consultation

We all have individual hair characteristics. Also, not everyone loses hair the same way. 

We will need you to send us images of your hair, including the bald area, hair falls, or bald patches. This will help us determine the best course of action to accommodate your specific needs. The information you give us will also help us plan the procedure in advance.

Arrange Date of Operation

After we provide you with cost estimates, thoroughly online consultation and you agree to continue with a hair transplant, we will schedule an appointment for surgery. 

The dates we agree on are very important as they will guide our decisions and actions in the steps to follow.

Book Flights

Once you agree with the hair transplant procedure costs, we will initiate further steps to ensure you enjoy your stay here. You don’t have to worry about anything. You just need to book your flights and that’s it!

Transfer From Airport to Hotel, Hotel To Clinic and Back

We will provide you with the address of the meeting point. This is where the appointed driver will pick you up and drive you to your hotel. 

We will also take care of transportation from the hotel to Dr. Emrah Cinik’s hospital and back. Your only concern is to get well-rested.


Arrival at the Hospital + Blood Test

We will make sure that you spend your first day at the hospital completely stress-free. You will get the chance to see our clinic and meet the staff. We will also carry out a blood test to examine you for diseases such as syphilis, hepatitis C, HIV, and others.

Unfortunately, if the tests return positive, we won’t be able to go on with the hair transplant operation.

The Operation Itself

Once the tests come back negative, you will be in line for the operation the following day. You will be picked up from your hotel and brought to the hospital. 

Care Measures After the Operation

After the procedure, you will be transported to your hotel. Once you get a good night’s sleep and recuperate in a relaxed and luxurious atmosphere, we will transport you back to the clinic.

To ensure the success of the procedure, we will inform you about the best practices after the operation (how to wash your hair, which medication and supplies to use, and so on). Our drivers will then take you back to the airport.

As you can see, the schedule is devised to provide you with enough time to accommodate and rest. If you have any more questions, feel free to contact us. Dr. Emrah Cinik and his team of professionals are standing by at your disposal should you need anything.


Our Quality Management Team will accompany you after the operation via Whatsapp, email or by phone

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