Hair Transplantation Operation

Prior to the operation, the patient has a haircut in our hospital. The area where hair transplantation is to be applied is marked. Quantity of graft per area is calculated.
Front hair line is designed according to your demands and expectations. It is drawn up and a new and natural hair line is shown to you in front of the mirror.

For a natural look, grafts of a single hair folic are transplanted densely in that area.

Local anaesthesia: the skin is narcotised by local anaesthesic sprays, followed by a local anaesthesia.
FUE hair transplantation may take up to 5-7 hours depending on the number of grafts transplanted.

One may take short breaks for eating and the call of nature. You may watch TV or listen to music during the operation.

Stages of FUE hair transplantation technique: 
It is composed of 4 stages. The technical details should be implemented and followed professionally and carefully for an uninterrupted accomplishment.

1-Collecting grafts from the recipient area on the back of the head:

  • Grafts are collected by a micro motor.
  • Punch dimensions are determined depending ın the thickness of your hair follicle.

First, 2-3 hair follicles of grafts are collected with 0.8 mm punches.

Then singlet hair grafts are collected with relatively thinner punches of 0.5 mm -0.6 mm.

Since the holes opened for collecting hair follicles on the recipient area are very small in size, it heals very quickly and does not scar following the operation.
graft collection

2-Placing and Counting Grafts:

  • Grafts are placed simultaneously as they are collected.
  • Grafts are made into groups of singlet double and triple hair follicles, and are counted.
  • When the stage of graft collection is completed, graft placement and counting is also done.

At this stage a 10-15 minutes of break can be given for having light foods and fort he call of nature.
graft placement

3-Opening hair canals in the area of hair transplantation:

  • Canal opening is the most important stage for having natural results out of hair transplantation. It is the part that demands most experience, aesthetic and technical skills out of the entire operation.
  • Canals are opened as many as the grafts to be transplanted.
  • Depth and diameter of the canal to be opened are determined depending on the size of the grafts to be transplanted.
  • Canals are opened with very thin –diameter (0.4-0.5 mm) micro-drlling tips, smaller than the graft diameter.
  • Canal angle is compatible with the hair growth angle.
  • In case of original or formerly transplanted hair on the relevant area, the holes should be opened at frequency and in directions to avoid damages on the hair.

On the front area, hair on the hair line grows with an angle of 45-50 degrees. The given angle change towards the back, and the hair grows slightly upright right on the top.

On the back, the direction of the hair growth is backwards and downwards. T grows 45- 60 degrees downwards in areas close to the back of the head. Canals are to be opened according to the given angles, that is, direction of the hair growth.

4-Graft placement:

  • Grafts should be placed onto canals in the right direction.
  • Grafts are placed technically to allow that the epidermis faces upward compared to the exterior surface of the transplanted area.
  • Grafts are very sensitive.  Microsurgical techniques are used for transplantation.
  • It is intended and targeted that transplanted hair grows nearly 100% and grows again.

FUE technique is, as explained above, is an extremely sensitive and serious operation. Experience is utterly important. The results are surprisingly good only if implemented by well-trained, experienced and competent professionals.

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