Laser Hair Therapy with hair transplant 

Hair Transplant Laser Hair Therapy

All of us lose hair differently. In men, there’s usually a receding hairline first, commonly referred to as male pattern baldness. Women experience different hair loss effects, with their hair thinning and their part line becoming a bit wider over time.

Luckily, both men and women can restore their youthful appearance with hair transplants. But what if your transplanted grafts fall out and your natural hair doesn’t start growing the way it should? What if it starts growing unnaturally? How can you make sure you don’t experience such potential side effects?

You can get a hair transplant laser hair therapy for stimulating hair beneath the skin surface with laser lights, resulting in stronger hair follicles. This laser treatment with low-level laser devices will boost your natural hair growth and speed up your healing time.

This is the primary purpose of this treatment – faster recovery and healing after the hair transplant.

At Dr. Emrah Cinik Hair Hospital in Istanbul, Turkey, we provide high-quality low-level laser therapy (LLLT), also known as red light therapy, administering clinical strength treatments for reviving hair cells and ensuring their natural growth.

 Let’s explore in more detail what exactly this laser hair therapy is, and how the light therapy after a hair transplant procedure can be beneficial.

What Is Laser Hair Therapy After Hair Transplantation?

The hair transplant laser hair therapy is a type of treatment that helps strengthen the mitochondria in your hair cells and help your natural hair grow normally. It prevents damage to your transplanted and new hair, avoiding any possible side effects, and ensuring your optimal hair health.

The purpose of this therapy is not to fight hair loss and get more hair. There is simply nothing else except hair transplantation that can stimulate the growth of your natural hair in areas where it stopped growing. This is rather a therapy to help you recover and heal faster after your hair transplant surgery.

If you have had a hair transplant, or plan on undergoing surgery, you should consider this therapy. It’s completely pain-free, as the LLLT device used administers only cold light, so there is absolutely no risk of burning sensations and redness. It helps eliminate redness, swelling, and pain after hair transplantation. That’s another way in which it promotes faster healing and recovery.

How Is the Hair Transplant Laser Hair Therapy Performed?

The hair transplant laser hair therapy is an incredibly simple treatment. It’s completely painless, so you have absolutely no reason to worry.

At Dr. Cinik Hospital, we use a medical-grade LLLT device to administer the treatment. Once you’re seated comfortably, your doctor will turn on the laser device and let it work its magic for 20 minutes. And that’s it. That’s the entire treatment.

Since a special cold laser is used to treat hair after hair transplantation, you will not experience any burning, nor will your donor and recipient areas hurt afterward. You will feel almost instantly better, because the cold light will cool your donor and recipient areas, making you feel much more comfortable.

For the best results, you should repeat this treatment twice a week. How many times you will undergo this treatment depends on the level of improvement after each session. Also, depending on the improvement, you can later reduce the therapy and do it once a week.

You can undergo the therapy only until you’re fully recovered from your hair transplant surgery. Still, you can also choose to extend it a bit, because prolonged use can further stimulate the growth of your natural hair.

What Are the Advantages of This Therapy?

This therapy reduces redness, swelling, and pain after hair transplantation and promotes faster wound healing. Faster healing equals a lower risk of infection.

 The treatment also improves the vitality of the hair roots and your overall hair strength and increases blood circulation that helps your hair get all the necessary nutrients for growth.

If you’re interested in getting the hair transplant laser hair therapy at Dr. Emrah Cinik Hospital in Istanbul, don’t hesitate to get in touch. We’re here for all the questions you may have, so contact us today to schedule your free consultation.

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The experience with this clinic was very good. All the trip was perfectly organized, there were people speaking different languages willing to help you all the time. The surgery went perfectly. Very recommendable place.


The whole experience from beginning to end was spot on. The technicians were informative, polite and thoughtful. I was worried but had no reason to be, I cannot compliment the team enough. Would definitely recommend.


Would highly recommend this clinic if anyone is looking to get a hair transplant. The staff made everything so easy from the first moment of contact right until I left the clinic for the last time. Very friendly staff.


Laser Hair Therapy - Hair Transplant Turkey
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Laser Hair Therapy - Hair Transplant Turkey
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