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Hair is perceived as an expression of an individual’s identity and personality. Most people even perceive voluminous, shiny hair to be a symbol of beauty. A person’s hairline plays an important role in defining the structure of the face and highlighting their features.

Hair is a matter of pride and scanty growth, receding hairline, and bald patches can hurt one’s morale deeply. It can affect one’s personality, shatter their image and make them appear much older. For people who take pride in the way they look, this can be a traumatic experience. Genetic hair loss, diseases, hormonal abnormalities, and many other reasons can be attributed to early hair loss among both men and women.

Hair transplant methods were traditionally limited to surgical hair transplants. Apprehensive of going under the needle and scared of being scarred permanently; many people refrain from a surgical hair transplant. Laser hair transplant in Turkey serves as a painless and effective process of restoring hair growth, without having to go under surgery.

Laser technology being comparatively new and highly-advanced needs to be handled carefully. The familiarity of the doctors with the technology and their skills to use it effectively serve as key considerations for choosing a hair transplant clinic. Dr. Cinik Hair Transplant Clinic offers excellent laser hair transplant in Turkey, at very affordable prices.

Laser Hair Transplant – The Process and the Science Behind it

Laser Hair Transplant is a non-surgical process of restoring hair growth that delves into the science of hair loss. It offers an effective solution to hereditary hair loss in both men and women. Laser hair transplant is performed with the help of a device that produces a soft light that is absorbed the cells in the scalp.

Working on the principle of photo biotherapy, the laser light penetrates deep into the cells and tissues of the scalp and stimulates cell metabolism. This cellular activity prevents the collection of DHT (Dihydrotestosterone), that is responsible for hair loss. This is effective in putting a stop to hair loss.

The use of a pure, red laser light further stimulates the blood supply to the cells and re-starts the cycle of hair growth. The biochemical process replenishes the hair follicles by:

  • Regulating the flow of blood to the scalp
  • Decreasing scalp inflammation
  • Stimulating the metabolism of the cells
  • Restricting the growth of DHT

The result of laser hair transplant in Turkey is a healthy scalp with thick, shiny, soft and easily manageable hair. If the hair roots become dead, the transplant will not be able to restore them. This is why one should opt for a laser hair transplant at the earliest. The expert doctors at Dr. Cinik Clinic will be able to guide you through the process and the best time to have it done.

Dr. Cinik – Reliable Laser Hair Transplant Clinic in Turkey

Dr. Cinik Hair Transplant Clinic believes in offering reliable services and the latest in hair transplant technology to its patients. The clinic is headed by Dr. Emrah Cinik himself, an ISHRS certified doctor. Employing the latest techniques of hair transplant and using high-tech equipment, we are able to achieve the best results possible through a laser hair transplant.

Our medical team is highly-skilled and holds exceptional achievement records in their respective fields. The multilingual team is well-versed in languages like English, Arabic, Spanish, German, French, etc., ensuring smooth communication with all international patients.

  • Comprehensive Treatment Plans
  • Experienced doctors and medical staff
  • Short Waiting Time (About a month)
  • No Hidden Costs
  • Call Center for Round the Clock Assistance

At Dr. Cinik, we always strive to offer the best treatment and service at affordable prices. Our Packages have been created to ensure convenience and cost-effectiveness.

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