Achieve Thick Hair Growth with Organic Hair Transplant from Dr. Cinik

Thick and shiny hair is perceived by men and women as a symbol of beauty. Since hair plays an important role in defining the appearance of an individual, it often serves as a matter of pride and confidence for many.

Hair loss at an early age leading to bald patches and a receding hairline can be the cause of worry for many. It often makes one appear older than they are and affects their personality. This can deeply dent one’s confidence and turn out to be something they are ashamed of.

Hair loss can occur due to a variety of reasons ranging from hormonal abnormalities to genetic conditions. Hair transplant is a surgical procedure that serves as a permanent solution to such wide-spread hair loss. Though the results obtained from a hair transplant used to be limited traditionally, developments over time have been able to produce much better and natural results.

Organic Hair Transplant in Turkey is an effective surgical method of transplanting hair that assures thick and voluminous hair growth. For a method that combines both technology and biology, the choice of a clinic is critical to achieving great results. Dr. Cinik Hair Transplant Clinic offers organic hair transplant at affordable prices, performed by skilled and experienced doctors.

How is Organic Hair Transplant Performed?

Organic Hair Transplantation is a surgical process that involves the FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) method of hair transplant. The revolutionary hair transplantation technique involves the injection of live cells (obtained from the fat tissues of the patient) into the recipient area of the scalp. Injection of the live cells rejuvenates the receiving area, assisting better accommodation of the implants.

No chemical injections are used in an Organic hair transplant in Turkey, ensuring that the follicles are not damaged in any way. The injection of the live cells also results in the inflammation of the scalp, making it easier for the doctor to transplant a higher number of grafts and achieve voluminous hair.

Why Should You Choose Organic Hair Transplant?

The transplantation of hair by the injection of stem cells offers various advantages to the patient and makes the procedure easier.

  • The Recipient Area becomes efficient and yields better growth of transplanted follicles
  • The Transplant procedure becomes easier and higher precision is obtained
  • Organic hair transplant does not involve the use of chemicals
  • The success rate of hair transplant goes up
  • Facilitates the growth of longer, thicker and healthier hair

As the name suggests, this method of hair transplant is completely organic and produces completely natural results. Dr. Cinik Hair Clinic in Turkey aids all its patients in selecting the best transplant procedure and guides them through the process in detail.

What Makes Dr. Cinik the Best Choice?

Dr. Cinik Hair Transplant Clinic functions on the core belief of offering the best possible treatments and prices to our patients. We have been providing hair transplant and other cosmetic services to our patients with a high success rate. Our team employs the latest techniques of hair transplantation, employing advanced technological equipment to offer the best.

  • Organic transplants with a high number of grafts
  • ISHRS certified doctor and a highly experienced team
  • Round the Clock Assistance Through Call Centres
  • 10-year Guarantee Certificate on all Transplants
  • No Hidden Costs

Dr. Cinik Team – Experience and Skill Combined

Dr. Cinik, the MD and head surgeon at Dr. Cinik Hair Transplant Clinic is an ISHRS certified Doctor who has been performing hair transplant and cosmetic surgeries for more than 15 years with his team. Specialising in aesthetic medicine, Dr Cinik has completed over 8,000 successful FUE transplants.

The patient assistance and medical team at Dr. Cinik is formed of highly-experienced and trained people who have attained great achievements in their respective departments. The multilingual team is fluent in languages like French, English, German, Arabic, Spanish and others, enabling them to offer the best assistance to International Patients through effective communication.

The packages we offer at Dr. Cinik have been curated to offer the best services to all our patients. Contact us to know the details of the package and discuss the solutions for your hair issues.

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