Planning the Hair Transplantation

Planning should be customised, considering the needs and wants of the individual.
Communication between the doctor and patient is crucial for the hair transplantation. Extent of the hair loss is important for the hair transplantation; maximum number of grafts is transplanted for the most natural look.

Important Points of Planning

  • Determining maximum number of grafts in one session depending on the need of the patient
  • Determining the areas where grafts are to be collected,
  • Designing, drawing  the front hair line in a natural and aesthetic manner, and showing estimated result to the patient,
  • Determining the area of transplantation, followed by graft transplantation via suitable angles proportionally.

Number of Grafts to be Transplanted:

  • Size of the recipient area where hair follicles will be collected,
  • Density of the hair on the recipient area,
  • Hair follicles collected are composed of single or double hair stem groups.

An adult male has 40 thousand grafts (80.000 to 100.000 strands) on average.
Normally, 1 cm2 has 60-70 grafts (120-140 strands) on average.
It is sufficient to transplant 40 grafts (80 strands) per 1 cm2.
If the hair is long and thick, human eye is inclined to see 40% density of hair as if 100% density thereof.

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