1. A Hemogram, HIV, HCV, HBV, PT, aPTT tests are performed.
  2. Blood is taken into a special tube for the free treatment we apply to all our patients,.
  3. When the patient reaches the hospital, he is examined by our doctor. The donor area is checked with a “HAIR ANALYSIS DEVICE”. The appropriate transplanting method is determined for the patient.
  4. Transplantation areas are discussed and the front line and planting areas are drawn. The maximum number of grafts is determined.
  5. The hairline is drawn by our doctor before the operation.
  6. The patient changes his clothes, wears the special clothes we will give him and a haircut is done.
  7. As Premium Aesthetics, our most important difference is that sedation is applied with the accompaniment of our anesthesiologist. “PAIN-FREE” local anesthesia is applied to the donor and transplantation area. This process takes about 5 minutes and our patient does not feel any pain despite being fully awake during the procedure.
  8. After the anesthesia, “ROOT COLLECTION” is carried out from the donor area with the help of a micromotor and the FUE method. This takes about 2 hours.
  9. The roots taken are counted one by one and put on hold “IN ORGAN TRANSPLANT SOLUTION”.
  10. The direction of the grooves is determined and they are opened according to the decision of the doctor. This process takes about 1 hour.
  11. After the grooves have been opened, the patient is given a 30-minute break for a complementary meal.
  12. The hair transplantation is started after the meal break. The transplantation process takes about 3 hours.
  13. After the procedure is completed, the donor area is dressed and closed using special creams.
  14. After the operation, the patient is rested for 20 minutes. The patient is then examined by our doctor and a prescription is prepared.
  15. All medication, shampoo, neck pillow and hair lotions to be used during the first 10 days after the procedure are given to our patient free of charge.
  16. The patient is discharged after 24-48 hours, pending control.
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